Blessing of Icons written by children of St. Andrew UOC

On Mother's Day 2010, the students of St. Andrew Ukrainian Saturday School presented special gifts to their mothers. 

For the third year in a row the students have participated in a course teaching the art of writing Orthodox icons.  The course is taught by Rev. Deacon Wolodymyr Hordiev, a renowned iconographer and parishioner of St. Andrew UOC.  The children follow the complete process from starting out with a clean piece of wood to setting 14k gold leaf.  This year's project was an icon of St. Nicholas.

The icons were blessed after the Divine Liturgy by Very Rev. Victor Poliarny and each child then presented their mother with the icon.  There is no greater gift than this.  Special thanks to Rev. Deacon Hordiev for his commitment and time.

St. Andrew Board of Directors